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I have been to Gyre several times now and have always been pleased with the service and atmosphere. Michele has a nice little studio right on Hawthorne and I am always amazed at how quiet and relaxing her space is.

Click to see more I suffer from constant back pain and after a massage at Gyre, I always feel much better and can move a little easier. Michele has even taken the time to evaluate where my pain is coming from and has offered me different exercises that could possibly help my situation. So far it is starting to help and I can't thank her enough.

In addition to the massages I have received I have also taken a couple of private yoga lessons at Gyre. Michele is an execellent and patient instructor. She goes at a pace that I can handle, but not so slowly that I am not getting any benefit from my workout, and she always makes sure that I am doing the postures correctly and gently corrects me so I don't injure myself. Michele also tailors the yoga sessions to accomodate my bad back and avoids poses that could cause me undue pain or possible injury.

I recommend Gyre highly. I want to thank Michle for all her hard work and I look forward to my next appointment.

Jerry from Portland, Or.

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For me, massages are a special treat, not a regular thing, so it is even more important that I am happy with the massage therapist I choose. Working with Michele at Gyre was perfect and I look forward to the next time I treat myself so that I can go back.

Click to see more The price was less than I had budgeted for (!) and I was very impressed with how much she communicated with me about what I wanted. She focused on the areas that I wanted, she was responsive to feedback during the massage, and she had a wonderful collection of aromatherapy oils and music to help relax me.
Gyre's gift certificates also saved me from showing up to a birthday empty-handed last year. Gyre is a great addition to the Portland community - You should try it!

Tess from SE Portland

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Michele Stokes is the most talented massage therapist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a generous and intuitive spirit and a fabulous pair of hands that have done wonders for my overall health. I always leave her table glowing.

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Christina from Portland, Or.

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